Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Time to change your hiring process

Hiring is often considered as a hectic process, but nowadays the organizations have made it more difficult by exceeding their expectations and complicating their procedures. But as it is the core foundation for any company hence there is a need for a change. The hiring procedure needs to be updated and made more simple and clear. But due to excessive workload, it is not feasible for them to give extra focus only on this domain. This can sometimes create a lot of frustration and can take a lot of time.
Troubles or frustration involved: There are a lot of troubles associated with in-house hiring process. Some of the key troubles are.
  • Rehearsed answers

The HRs usually get frustrated (in fact feel bored) during the interviews, due to the repetitive and same answers from the candidates. Those same answers feel like a Scripted and redundant stories been told to them. Such instances make the HRs frustrated and in turn, they may fail to give their best shot.
  • Candidate pool problems: If your candidate pool is such (like mentioned above), then the quality may not be guaranteed. As the in-house candidate pool is generally limited in size so there exist problems regarding the selection procedure.

Now if the above-mentioned points stand true in your case that is:
Are you disappointed with your applicant pool?
It is true that you are burnt out on listening to the same exhausting, practiced answers again and again amid meetings?
Do you have an inclination that you are searching for a hopeful that simply doesn’t exist?
Assuming that your answers to all these questions are “YES” then you’re hiring procedure needs a change.

Why is this happening to you?

You are not alone in this list. IT is often heard that managers face difficulty in hiring a “right” candidate. They have arrangements of capabilities, necessities, and depictions of what they are searching for. They talk with many candidates and can’t locate the right fit. The reason they continue having this issue is normally straightforward: they are making it too hard.
So, what is the solution?
Now, this is the question that arises. Well, one of the solutions associated is to involve an Offshore-RPO.
  • RPO involvement :

Involving an RPO gives you the much-needed edge in the hiring process. Their unique and flexible hiring process makes the hiring process more interesting and clear.
  • Basics benefits associated :

Involving an RPO gives you a lot of other benefits like Cost reduction, complexity reduction and time-saving approach. Other than this when you hire an RPO, a major portion of your burden is shifted on their shoulders and you can control the whole process from the comfort of your office, without needing to do much.
Glocal RPO is one such name in the field of hiring consultants. Their unique hiring process can help you gain the much needed talented workforce for your organization.
Some of the key points they focus on:
  • Taking a stab at reducing the required qualifications, having just 5-6 capabilities that are most basic for the position.
  • Whenever talking with candidates, discard the scripted inquiries, go for a more natural discussion.
  • Discovering candidates who are prepared for the following stride in their profession, not ones who need to keep doing likewise they’ve been doing.
  • Searching for applicants with potential, and put resources into preparing them appropriately.

They believe in quality hiring rather than hard-working approach. They also believe that finding the right hopeful isn’t generally simple, yet don’t make it harder than it must be. Go into it with a receptive outlook and a crisp methodology.

RPO : Recruitment Outsourcing Company - breaking it down for you

RPO is considered to be the best practice for efficient hiring and reliable results in the recruitment industry. The RPOs make it easy for the partnering company to effectively aim for the right candidate without much pressure and hectic involved. But how do they perform this work, what makes their process easy and much effective than most of the companies? The answer to all these questions is the process break down approach, which tends to break the task into smaller units and focus on each effectively.

The process breakdown structure (From Recruitment Outsourcing Company recruiter’ point)

An RPO can not only take over the whole hiring process for the company but they can also stand as a compliment to the in-house hiring team and manager for the company. It is clear that hiring is a big and hectic job, involving a number of operations to work upon. From deciding the job specifications, requirements etc. all the way to hiring the perfect candidate, the recruitment process involves numerous tasks. Be a personal interview or just a common aptitude selection round, every process needs enormous focus.

What make RPO process beneficial

Well, there are a number of steps in a recruitment process requiring equal concentration and focus. Most of the companies take this recruitment phase as a single procedure and this is where they fail or take heavy pressure on themselves. But as in the case of an RPO they break down the whole process in the minutes of possible tasks. For e.g.; they take creating requirements, screening, tests, personal interviews etc. all as unique and different tasks. And they give equal and appropriate focus on each of these phases.
As compared to the company approach where some of the phases may remain under-focused and in turn compromising the quality, the breakdown approach gives equal and much-required focus on every sub-process. This results in much-required quality targets.
When it comes to the other benefits associated with an RPO, there is a number of them to count upon. From being cost effective approach to quality output generation, RPOs can provide you all. Once you have partnered with the RPO best matching your requirements, all your work is done. All your troubles related to recruitment will become theirs.
The question that arises now is how to get a perfect RPO, what to look for while hiring an RPO, which names to trust? Glocal is one such name in the field of Recruitment industry that you can rely upon. With the perfect blend of traditional and unique strategies, they can help you stand way above your competitors. The ultimate backbone of any company is their employees, and if chosen wisely they can take your company to new highs.

Glocal “Think global work local”

The reason which makes Glocal the best among the available is their unique approach. They focus on creating the perfect workforce rather than just filling up the job positions. So, if you want a true companion for your hiring policies then Glocal is surely the horse to bet upon.


Thursday, 2 March 2017

Glocal RPO [Recruitment Outsourcing Company] : The Future Of Business

Opportunities for a business through Recruitment Outsourcing Companies : Easy opportunities are hard to come in this highly competitive business scenario, but no one can let those slip through. Today, where competition is the core of any business you can’t let take any opportunity on ease. But as these opportunities are highly dynamic in nature so it’s hard to predict them and create a plan that can suit all the situations. IF you are an organization running a highly dynamic business this problem gets more complicated in your case. With daily changing requirements of clients, the need for new skills is also arising. That means you need to hire more talent for your pool which you can do it by yourself as well as through some recruitment outsourcing companies.  But constraints are always there.

Now, what are these constraints? With daily increasing requirements the first problem or better-called requirement that arises is the increased need for manpower. This surely looks like a normal requirement but is indeed a complex job. Any organization has to face several problems while hiring the much-needed strength for their pool.

When you develop a need for new talent or in other words when it’s time to hire the first aspect you look for is skills. But who will screen those skills out of the number of candidates? Most of you will answer that your in-house recruitment team is there for the job. Off-course you have a highly skilled team that can filter out raw talent but there are several constraints, when you rely completely on your in-house team:

Is this their only job ?

Well, this is highly un-probable to occur. Most of the organizations don’t spend a heavy amount on creating a specific team for recruitment. As per the trend, the job is given to the top most reliable names in the company. How it affects your organization? Isn’t this the question that is on your mind at present? Here are the core effects :

Workload decrease efficiency: There are heavy chances that the members of your recruitment team are already overburdened and giving this responsibility will only decrease their efficiency in other tasks too.

Chances of shoving other responsibilities: There are chances that in order to execute this recruitment process they have to shove another important task.

Fatal deadlines: Your Company may miss out on some strict deadlines due to the delay in work caused by them. And in turn, can risk your whole project to failure.


The next question that arises: What is the alternative? How can this problem be solved? Well. The answer to this resides with “RPO or Recruitment Process Outsourcing”. Off-course it’s a well-heard term for you, and you are well aware of what it means.

Checkout This Link : http://www.glocalrpo.com

Importance of RPO [Recruitment Outsourcing Company] :

Recruitment Outsourcing Company

There are many advantages of RPO [Recruitment Outsourcing Company] you will take if you just contact/connect with them. These RPO's not only helps you in choosing the right company but these RPO's will helps you in choosing the right field which helps in growing your future much faster than you ever expected. These Recruitment Outsourcing Companies has tie up with some of the very good MNC's which can accelerate your future growth quite faster.

But how it will come in handy? Let us have a look :

When you have an unexpected number for hiring, your in-house recruitment team is already overburdened and you are on planning for an important project or a business expansion. Whatever the case may be, having an RPO [Recruitment Outsourcing Companies] partner can surely get your job done. Other than the basic benefits like cost reduction, time reduction, burden sharing there is a lot of other factors to consider too. For instance what if you need to fill up a position that is highly important and complex too? Well, either you need a free in-house recruitment team, which is not associated with another task (surely this is highly un-probable), or simply you can rely upon your partner RPO, which will not only fulfill that position with high precision but will assure you that you got the perfect talent for your pool.

Glocal-“How we serve you needs?”

Here at Glocal RPO - the recruitment outsourcing company , we have a team of skillful and highly experienced recruiters who can cater to your needs with precision. Whether you are looking for a project based hiring partner or a long term business deal, Glocal can provide services which will not only cater to your requirements but will, take your talent pool to the next level. So, book for a trial with Glocal today and see the difference.